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Live Scan and Ink Fingerprinting Service
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Live Scan is the digital fingerprinting process used by the Department of Justice to perform background checks. Live Scan is required by many industries to scan teachers, volunteers, coaches, doctors, nurses, contractors, lawyers, notaries, caregivers, security guards, and many more.

The UPS Store (N Vasco and Scenic) is a certified CA Department of Justice Live Scan Fingerprint Service Provider. Mobile fingerprinting is available by appointment only. In addition to the rolling, we also collect the government fee for DOJ or FBI or both, which varies by application type.

We’re excited to announce the launch of our print-to-card system, using our existing Live Scan equipment to scan the applicant’s fingerprints and to print onto an ink fingerprint card using an FBI-certified Lexmark printer. The system allows us to type in all of the applicant’s personal information and to electronically capture their fingerprints using our existing laptop and fingerprint scanner; you will no longer have to deal with the messy and time consuming process of rolling prints onto an ink fingerprint card. We are currently supporting FD-258 Applicants.
  • Mobile Live Scan now available
  • All operators are licensed and certified
  • Free re-submissions
  • Experience with large groups
  • Security
  • State of the art equipment
  • Convenient location
  • Additional support services (Mailing, Passport Photos, and Notary)
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Why do you need Live Scan?

Many requesting agencies require Live Scan to ensure that the people who work with or volunteer for them will be able to hold a position of trust in that agency. Live Scan applicants are typically seeking a type of license or certification to work with the agency, and Live Scan fills the needs of a background check.

A Requesting Agency is the group that requires you to get your background check. Requesting Agencies can include employers, volunteer groups, state licensing boards, and many other types. Requesting Agencies are sometimes referred to as Applicant Agencies. Normally, your Requesting Agency will provide your Request form to you and sometimes they will also post them online.

We are the #1 provider of Live Scan fingerprinting service in Livermore. Stop by or schedule an appointment today!

Live Scan and Ink Fingerprinting Service Services

Frequently Asked Questions

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