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The UPS Store Bloomington

Are you looking for a way to save time with a quick and easy way to process your return or UPS® drop-off? Try our self-service solution to process the following items:

  • Consolidated returns
  • UPS pre-paid, pre-packaged and sealed drop-offs
  • Pre-packaged mobile shipping and mobile returns

Our shipping experts are always ready to answer any questions or assist you through the process!

Hours of Operation

Store Hours - Open 7 Days
UPS Air Pickup Times
UPS Ground Pickup Times
Up close look at a Time Saving Kiosk screen

Need to make a quick return or drop-off?

Consolidated returns
Simply scan your QR code, place your return item in the available poly bag, seal it with the label and place the item in the kiosk fixture. UPS pre-paid, pre-packaged and sealed drop-offs
Start by scanning the shipping label on your pre-paid, pre-packaged and sealed drop-off, confirm you are not shipping any hazardous materials or other dangerous goods, then take your package to the drop-off location at the front center. Pre-packaged mobile shipping and mobile returns
Scan your QR code, secure and affix the printed shipping label, confirm that your item is properly packed and sealed, then head to the front counter and leave your package at the designated drop-off location.

This self-service solution is designed to streamline your return and drop-off process, saving you valuable time. Try our Time-Saving Kiosk today!

Ready to try it out? Visit The UPS Store at 885 S College Mall Rd to see how easy it is to use the Time-Saving Kiosk.

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