The UPS Store Puckett Shopping Center

You can find the perfect PopSockets product at The UPS Store Puckett Shopping Center. PopSockets brand is the original and highest quality phone grip on the market.

They now offer way more than just singular grips, and we carry it all for our customers. There are many different colors and styles for you to choose from! Come check them out at The UPS Store at 3440 Bell Ste 320.

  • PopSockets Grips

  • PopSockets Swappable Grips

  • PopMini

  • PopWallets

  • PopSockets Dash Mounts

  • PopSockets Vent Mounts

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What is a PopSockets Grip?

At The UPS Store Puckett Shopping Center, we have a variety of PopSockets phone grips that will fit your style. Drop by to get yours today.

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